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People make plans for mountains. Few people succeed in their plans and rest of the audience can’t. Every other time you have to convince your friends unless you travel solo. I know it’s hard to convince someone to go there. But what if I tell you that if you’re craving for some Himalayan cuisines, you can always visit Yeti – the Himalayan kitchen. Yeti got a variety of momos to start your meal with. Also, it will become so easy to convince your friends for Yeti. Because Yeti is in Hauz Khas Village (urf H.K.V.) and nobody says no to this place. Considering the Himalayan range, their menu got a variety of dishes all the way from Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet & India as well. Here’s a list of Himalayan dishes what I tried there –

Yeti - The Himalayan Kitchen
Yeti – The Himalayan Kitchen
Yeti Himalayan Kitchen
Ambiance at Yeti – The Himalayan Kitchen

Variety of Momos I tried at Yeti

Veg Momos: Loved their Veg momos. Usually other people make it rough from the inside but if you try any momos here, you’ll see the difference yourself. So juicy, buttery and delicious. I felt so good after having them.

Veg Momos
Veg Momos

Aloo Momos: Well there’s a fact living in Delhi that you don’t generally see this written on any other cafe/lounge easily. And, if you visit Mcleodganj, it’s one of their street food which is easily available in their market. But when it comes to Delhi, it’s hard to find. But thanks to Yeti, they keep on surprising with their authentic Himalayan cuisines. It was filled completely with potato mash, butter, etc. Considering the butter portion more, handle with care.

Aloo Momos
Aloo Momos

Yomari: Nutella filled momos are also known as Yomari in the Yeti menu. I had it as my last meal and my heart was filled with Yomari by the time I left this place. Highly recommend Yomari to every Nutella and momos lover.

Yomari Nutella filled momos
Yomari – Nutella filled momos

Other than Momos

Crispy Spinach: With a proper flavor of Spinach topped with caramelized onions. They were bit oily on the both sides but they were nice.

Crispy Spinach
Crispy Spinach

Mushroom Datchi with Tingmo: Tingmo is a steamed bread in Tibetan Cuisine. It is sometimes also referred as steamed bun. I had it with their Mushroom Datchi which was so creamy, hot and cheesy. It was looking like a small bowl but it was a complete meal for sure. Loved their Mushroom Datchi.

Mushroom Datchi with Tingmo
Mushroom Datchi with Tingmo

Yeti Veg Platter: Their Yeti Veg Platter included Wai wai Sadeko, Aloo Sadeko, Bhuteko Chana and Tingmo bread. It was a plate full of mountain love and devotion to the Himalayas. Wai wai sadeko had such an amazing combination of spices & herbs which made it such a delectable dish to have. Aloo Sadeko and Bhuteko Chana were also nice.

Yeti Veg Platter
Yeti Veg Platter

Letusxplore Summary

  1. You can’t miss their Momos.
  2. Yeti veg platter is just amazing.
  3. Mushroom Datchi is a heaven for all the cheese lovers.
Our table
Our table

How to Reach Yeti?

Nearest Metro Station: Green Park metro station (After that you’ll have to take a Cab)

Address: 30, 1st Floor, Hauz Khas Village, New Delhi

Other Details

Price for two: Rs 1300 (approx)

Opening hours: 12 Noon to 11:30 PM (Everyday)

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