Mochi Ice Cream

11 Ice Cream innovations to beat the Heat in Delhi NCR

Delhi is very well known for it’s extreme temperatures. Since, it’s summer time and Monsoon seems yet too far from Delhi. Ice Cream is something which always comes to rescue and please our taste buds in no time. Talking Ice cream, Delhi got so many innovations that few cities in India can’t even imagine. Here, I’m giving you 11 different […]

Burma Burma Cyberhub

Celebration of Thingyan at Burma Burma, Cyberhub

I’ve recently been to Burma Burma to try out their Burmese Food in between the Thingyan duration which is also known to be the Burmese New Year Festival. That stylish Menu got so much of Burmese Food to start with. All of them were straight from the Heart of Myanmar. And most of dishes I tried there were just perfectly […]

Sadhya Bhog at Zambar

Celebrating Vishu Festival with Authentic Kerala Cuisines at Zambar

Vishu Festival is celebrated every year on the First day of Medam or the Malayalam month which lies mostly in between the months of April and May of the Gregorian calendar. This auspicious Festival symbolizes the beginning of the Spring Season. Vishu indicates the day from which the farmers begin the ploughing of land and other agricultural activities. Although there’s […]

Mud Cake Pie Radisson Blu Faridabad

House of Soy – Pan Asian Cuisine at Radisson Blu Faridabad

Radisson Blu Faridabad got a newly launched Restaurant by the name, House of Soy which serves Pan Asian Cuisine. That means any cuisine with a culture originated from the continent of Asia including Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese, Korean and Indian considering the fact as Pan Asian Cuisine aren’t limited to those Big countries only. So, one thing must be crystal […]

wendy's cheese fries

Indian range of Burgers at Wendy’s

Wendy’s is an America based International brand of fast food restaurant founded by Dave Thomas in the late 1969. It deals with burger, fries, beverages and lots of other options to eat. Entered in India last year in 2015, it has a vision to increase it’s density to 40 – 50 outlets. The company is looking to focus on North […]

Fat Butterfly Bakery & Cafe – Serving Gourmet Fast Food and Cakes

Fat Butterfly Bakery & Cafe is a small and cozy place situated at the Baani Square, Gurgaon. And, they’re best known for their Gourmet Fast Food and Fully Customized Cakes are their speciality. Their name itself says everything as the outlet can make even a Butterfly fat enough that won’t let her fly for like hours. Well, let me tell […]

Pick up your Chopsticks – Yum Yum Cha is here!

Ever thought about what could be the meaning of this Yum Yum Cha? Well, let’s just discuss that for a second. As you might know, Yum Yum Cha is a Food Outlet & it’s pretty much popular for it’s international cuisines like Chinese, Japanese, Sushi, etc. Well taking care of the name as Yum Cha (simplified Chinese: 饮茶; traditional Chinese: […]