Street Art in Delhi – Part 3

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street art delhi
Cool painting with a Deep meaning by Harsh Raman

So here we comes again with our Letusxplore series of Street Art in Delhi. So there must be a question by all as which area I’m covering I’m this part now. This part will cover Shahpur Jat Village which is an urban village area in Delhi with having lots of Street art and Graffiti work.

Until now, I’ve covered some well known areas for Street Arts & graffiti like Lodhi Art District and Connaught Place which almost all the people know about or the people with having even a little bit of interest in graffiti work knows about those places. So, in this blog, I thought why not share some hidden gems of Delhi with having more than a dozen of Graffiti work. If you’ve heard the place Hauz Khas then yes, you’re probably nearby that place known as Shahpur Jat village. So, it’s a village with living urban population in a greater ratio and it’s a village with Big brand cars like Mercedes roaming around in their streets. If I talk about their Street art & graffiti work then the street art is there on those walls even before Lodhi Art District graffiti work.

graffiti art work
Graffiti art work by Tones
shahpur jat village
Shahpur Jat Village entrance

Shahpur jat is a small but very dense area and they do have so many food outlets nearby to grab a bite or maybe sip a drink too. Roam around and you’ll find out there are more graffiti over different walls of the area, also you can find some painted over certain terrace. Basically you have to walk a lot so I’ll prefer taking some motorcycle or something like that if you don’t walk a lot. But, if you’re a jogger or a fitness freak who walks a lot, it’s just the right place for your legs cuz you’ll get to walk a lot if you wanna cover all those graffiti works by those cool artists.

Nearest Metro Station: Hauz Khas metro station

delhi street art
I’m One Sided
graffiti art work
Time art
delhi street art
Greetings from Paris
graffiti art work
Cool graffiti work over walls
graffiti art work
A little shop with that cool Graffiti work

Nearest metro station to the place is Hauz khas metro station. And they do have cycle options too. A government owned cycle rental service which can be enjoyed by giving a small amount of money and submitting your original ID proofs like Driving License, Passport, Voter ID Card for a time. They also have an option for Delhi University students as they do accept their identity cards too.

Overall it was a great experience searching here and there searching for the different walls having some cool graffiti work. And people here are very helpful if you wanna ask about anything related to the area and it’s fabulous but somewhat ruined art. You might find some ruins of Siri Fort somewhere in this area.

siri fort ruins
Ruins of Siri Fort
graffiti art work
Small Kid on a Terrace

So good luck in exploring all the area. I went there as a solo traveler but take a nice group of art lovers with you. That might be even better in exploring the whole.

Happy Exploring! 🙂





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