New Delhi to Mathura via Bhopal Shatabdi Express

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Day started with waking up early in the morning at around 4.00 a.m. cause I had to catch a train from New Delhi Railway Station at 6.00 a.m. sharp. Also, I had to purchase tickets for my ride as I wasn’t having no tickets at all. Last moments plans works just like that. Can’t complain either. So I had to book two tickets of Bhopal Shatabdi Express Train which is also known as the Second Fastest train in India with a top speed of 150 Kmph. I know it’s not as fast as other countries but still 160 Kmph is the highest we’ve got which is of Gatiman Express. Well, one day I will travel via Gatiman as well. For now, let’s just stick to Bhopal Shatabdi Express.

New Delhi Railway Station
New Delhi Railway Station

Train Departure timings were 6.00 a.m. sharp and I reached at the New Delhi Railway Station at around 5.12 a.m. Sincere thanks to that Ola Driver which landed me up here before time. So I ran through the Current Reservation counter, filled up the form and got my tickets by paying extra. Not so Sincere Thanks to the Surge Pricing! I paid around 25% extra from the original ticket amount just because few seats were left. And it ain’t illegal. Our govt of India made this style with effect from September 2016. Damn, I hate Surge Pricing but I was also happy with my confirmed ticket. Mixed feelings that you can never deny.

Bhopal Shatabdi Express
Bhopal Shatabdi Express

Punctuality of Bhopal Shatabdi Express

So, I got my two tickets to Mathura and after some security security checks, I was there at the platform exactly at 5.44 a.m. Well, now I was so happy to be there in the Bhopal Shatabdi Express right before time. Just the way I like. Entered inside the train, found my seat and made myself seated on those comfortable seats. So, time was running on time and my friend was running pretty late. And the train staff were circulating Newspaper. I got busy in reading the newspaper and I felt that train started moving.

Newspaper and a Lemon Juice
Newspaper and a Lemon Juice

I saw the time and it was exact 6.00 am. And my friend wasn’t still there. I was like, Ok now I will get two Cup of Coffee instead one and Bill would be totally on my friend. Out of sudden what happened, my friend came out of nowhere by shouting out loud looking for me. That voice practically alerted everyone sitting in that train cause there were an eternal peace inside that train if I neglect 2-3 kids there. And plans of the extra coffee were ruined by that fellow but I was still happy with a Company. And everybody went back doing their work like nothing happened. See, that’s why I love Delhi so much.

Meals on Wheels

When the journey started, first thing we got was that sealed glass of Lemon Juice. Later on we got one of that Bournvita biscuit packet with those tea/coffee & sugar sachet. Had my black coffee cause I don’t like to put powdered milk in that coffee and started listening songs with my headphones On.

Meals on Wheels Bhopal Shatabdi Express
Meals on Wheels – Bhopal Shatabdi Express
Meals on Wheels Bhopal Shatabdi Express part 2
Meals on Wheels – My Black Coffee

Bhopal Shatabdi Express – A Train You can Trust

Our Indian trains are usually not so good with the correct scheduled timings except some good trains. But, this train came out so punctual as it was right on its scheduled time of 7.30 am which is seven minutes late according to it’s scheduled time. But still, it’s a very nice time if I compare it with the other trains. And I was there at the Mathura Station in just 1 hour and 30 minutes only. I know, the train tickets are a bit higher than the other trains going to mathura but It was worth if I neglect that Surge Pricing.

Mathura Jn Railway Station
Mathura Jn Railway Station

Letusxplore Summary

  1.  Second Fastest train in India with 150 Kmph.
  2. Punctuality.
  3. Complimentary Morning meal with a Newspaper.

Train Timings

Departure time: 6.00 am (Very Punctual with it’s Departure timings)

Arrival time: 7.30 am (7 minutes of delay as the scheduled time was 7.23 am)

Ticket Fare Details

Price for One: Rs 375 + Surge Pricing = Rs 485/- (In Total)



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