India International Trade Fair 2016 : Brimming show of talent

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The 36th India International Trade Fair, annual flagship event of India Trade Promotion Organization (ITPO), inaugurated by the President of India, Shri Pranab Mukherjee on November 14, 2016 at Hamsadhwani Theatre, Pragati Maidan, New Delhi has been one of the bed rocks of Indian trading scene in the recent history.

Art is not what you see but what you make others see and that my friend is exactly what you are going to see at India International Trade Fair 2016. #iitf2k16

India International Trade Fair 2016
Art n Craft exhibit
India International Trade Fair 2016
The Funky Art at IITF2k16

Those people who’re worried about their 500 and 1000 rupees notes and cash regarding problem. One thing I should clear you before reading this as they won’t be accepting any of those notes for sure. But, Don’t let Demonetization feel you bad any longer because India International Trade Fair 2016 is also going to accept Credit/Debit Cards as well as Paytm Cash this time.

The IITF 2016 comes up with the feel of a fest-cum-trade show which will thrill the heart of art lovers and also gives look through in the global trading market. With “Digital India” being the theme for the year there is a beautiful fusion of technology and art in about every hall. The most amazing thing to find here is the talent our country possess which has the potential to give the global market a tough competition.

Digital India iitf
Digital India theme at India International Trade Fair 2k16

This year, as many as 7000 participants are taking part in the fair. The ‘Partner Country’ is the ‘South Korea’ and the ‘Focus Country’ is ‘Belarus’.  The ‘Partner States’ are ‘Madhya Pradesh’ and ‘Jharkhand’ while, ‘Haryana’ is participating   as the ‘Focus State’.  Over 150 companies from 27 countries are taking part in this fair. These include: Australia, Afghanistan, Belarus, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Bhutan, China, Germany, Hong Kong, Iran, Kuwait, Kyrgyzstan, Myanmar, Netherlands, Oman, Sri Lanka, South Africa, South Korea, Singapore, Tibet, Turkey, Thailand, UAE and UK.

There are a number of pavilions to visit India International Trade Fair this year, but I had my day exquisitely spent on the Indian pavilions, which happened to be Gujarat, Meghalaya, Kerala, Nagaland, Maharashtra, Orissa, Delhi, West Bengal and Indian Handicrafts. These pavilions were full of different cultures of states put into various kinds of merchandise. You will find a wide variety of industries which will include Healthcare, textiles, arts, banking, food processing, Telecom, Home decoration, toys and fashion.

India International Trade Fair
Meghalaya Pavillion at India International Trade fair

Every state has its own culture offered to you in some unique ways. You would find the simplest of the things turned into masterpieces by the everyday ordinary artists of the country. It has been rightly said that you have to be ordinary to become extraordinary and the fair proves it rightly. The work I saw there inspired me a lot giving assurance that there happens to be great prospective in the country and each one of us, all we need is to pull on the right strings.

iitf 2k16
Sparrow art at #iitf2k16

The theme of this year’s shows inclusive growth which is aimed at enabling people to contribute and benefit from the economic growth. And in my opinion it has been well served as you are going to find some heart melting stuff and also the knowledge about the progression of India through all the years passed and to all those which are about to come. The theme of Digital India has been planted intricately showcasing what India holds in the future is a country which would be having a lightning fast and technology driven.

India International Trade Fair
Digi Disha Sand Art at IITF 2k16

As the entire world’s market has come down to one ground saying the name out loud as India International Trade Fair, I hope you all find something that entices your soul. It’s totally worth a visit fair to enjoy the different culture, art, themes, talents, and to enhance your knowledge.

More Details about India International Trade Fair 2016

Duration : 14th – 18th November, 2016 (For Business class Only)

19th – 27th November 2016 (For General public)

Timings : 9:30 AM to 7:30 PM

Price : Rs. 50 for an Adult (Weekdays)

Rs. 100 for an Adult (Weekends/Public holidays)

Nearest Metro Station : Pragati Maidan station

Important Things to Remember

  1. Tickets generally available at Metro stations, Mother Dairy booths and Pragati Maidan ticket counters, and for the first this year available online and can be booked from their website too.
  2. And for children, entry is free up to 12 years of age in this India International Trade Fair 2016.
  3. Entry can be availed till 5 PM.
  4. Gate No. 10 will be nearest to the station.







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