Celebrating Vishu Festival with Authentic Kerala Cuisines at Zambar

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Vishu Festival is celebrated every year on the First day of Medam or the Malayalam month which lies mostly in between the months of April and May of the Gregorian calendar. This auspicious Festival symbolizes the beginning of the Spring Season. Vishu indicates the day from which the farmers begin the ploughing of land and other agricultural activities.

Sadhya Bhog at Zambar
Sadhya Bhog at Zambar

Although there’s lot to talk about this festival. But in short, Vishu is the Hindu New Year Festival celebrated in the Indian State of Kerala and nearby Tulunadu region of Coastal Karnataka. And this year, it’s being celebrated today on 14th April 2017. People of Kerala celebrate this festival by preparing Special feast also known as Sadhya.

What is Sadhya ?

Basically Sadhya is some sort of a special feast in Kerala, specially prepared during Vishu or the beginning of New Year. A variety of food is prepared in large quantities and served on banana leaves to people whoever comes for the bhog. The Sadhya involves steamed Kerala Matta Rice (or Red Parboiled Rice) as the main ingredient served with many side dishes.

Steamed Kerala Matta Rice
Steamed Kerala Matta Rice

Where can we get Authentic Sadhya Bhog ?

Zambar specialized in providing Kerala Cuisines prepared in an authentic way. They provides their meal on a huge banana leaf. Their thali constitutes of Banana, some Banana Chips, Sarkara Varrati (Fritters coated with Jaggery), Buttermilk, various types of Curries & Chutneys like Coconut, Tomato, Beetroot etc. Then Steamed Kerala Matta Rice are served with Parippu (green moong dal), Kootu (black chickpeas), Sambhar & Ghee. My Favorite part of their meal is Appalam (Fried Kerala Papad) which can be eaten up with those rice.

Rice are served with Parippu, Kootu, Sambhar & Ghee
Rice served with Parippu, Kootu, Sambhar & Ghee

Have the Bhog with your Bare hands

Zambar highly engages you to have that meal with your bare hands which is counted as the authentic way. They don’t serve you any Spoon, Fork, Knives either unless you ask them to get one pair of them. But trust me, the real flavor of South India can be enjoyed with your Bare Hands only. There’s no spoon or knife can enrich the taste of Authentic South India.

Mocktail options at Zambar

Tried some of their mocktails as well. There was one Coconut mojito which I really liked from their Off Thali menu. It was nice, sweet n simple. Really enjoyed the Coconut Mojito. Kokum on the other hand was the Spicy one but still good.

Coconut Mojito & Kokum Mojito
Coconut Mojito & Kokum Mojito

Letusxplore Summary

  1. First of all, Happy Vishu Festival to all.
  2. Visit this place in Gurgaon, Delhi NCR to have that Authentic Sadhya Bhog.
  3. Coconut Mojito is a Must Try.
  4. Do try Zambar if you’re looking for some Authentic Kerala Cuisines in this Busy city of Delhi NCR.

Where to Find Zambar ?

Address: 3rd Floor, Ambience Mall, Gurgaon, Delhi NCR

Nearest Metro Station: Micromax Moulsari Avenue (It’s a Rapid Metro Station)

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