Auli – Skiing on the Mighty Land of Lords

It is situated at the northern Indian state of Uttarakhand which is popularly known as Devbhumi i.e. Land of Lords. Auli is basically a Himalayan Ski Resort which is also considered as a hidden gem of India as most of the people doesn’t even know the existence of such cool and amazing place. This state is popularly known as Devbhumi […]

Street Art in Delhi – Part 2

So, here comes the much awaited Street Art in Delhi – Part 2 and You know what? Every city has it’s own heart and if I talk about our India’s capital Delhi, then one will expect the city’s heart must be bigger than the others. Well actually as all people says out loud “Dilli hai Dilwaalo ki” meaning a city […]

Street Art in Delhi – Part 1

The Capital of our India has been revolutionized with colors and paintings over different walls by various street artists from all over the World. There is a NGO known by the name St+art Foundation which deals with all kinds of graffiti and street art decorating over walls for free without charging anything and with taking proper permissions by the Government. […]

Mother’s Wax Museum

You might be wondering that I’ve heard something like Wax Museum and then you might remember the museum which is known by the name Madame Tussauds Wax Museum and very well known for their real life looking like artistically crafted Wax Personalities in that museum. Now, here I’m talking about the Mother not Madam so let just don’t be confused between […]

Kumbhalgarh fort – The Great Wall of India

It would be a shame if I don’t add this hidden gem to my blog which is well known for it’s long wall. Well I call it a hidden gem because most of the people living in India still doesn’t know about this amazing place. I’m not talking about the Rajasthan people as they might’ve know of it’s existence but […]

Two little fellows

Found these two little fellows while roaming around Connaught place, New delhi. They were just laughing, having their silly conversation and eating these papads which one of them sells for his own livelihood where other one was asking to polish my sports shoes. How cute was that? ???? I approached them and humbly asked “Can I take a picture of […]

A Walk to the Cyber City

DLF Cyber City is situated in Gurgaon (comes under National capital Region) in northern part of India well known for the MNCs Headquaters and office spaces. According to Wikipedia,  The DLF Cyber City is an industrial park in Gurgaon, India, which houses some of the top Fortune 500 companies. It has been termed a “futuristic commercial hub”. If you look closely the life of those people you’ll feel something […]

My fuel, my Backpack

I can go anywhere all around the World but it’s like next to impossible without my dear little friend over my shoulder which is backpack and those things inside that. My backpack understands my never ending lust of traveling. I love traveling but sometimes even a traveler need some fuel to charge him up with some chips, coke or sometimes […]

Haldighati – Soil of Warriors

First of all one might wonder that what is this place about and second thought which every second Indian will question after hearing it’s name very first time that Why this name?? So let me tell you the meaning first, which is practically might’ve just in your head right now.  The name ‘Haldighati’ is believed to have originated from the […]