Hindu New Year

10 Interesting Facts about Hindu New Year

Everybody knows about the English Calendar but very few people has ideas about Hindu Calendar also. So, I thought why not share some interesting facts about this day with my readers. Basically, it is celebrated on the very first day of Chaitra Shukla Pratipada and this time, we entered the Vikrami Samvat 2074. According to English Calendar, It’s held on […]

Nomadic Art Fair

Nomadic Art Fair – A Place Full of Forgotten Golden Memories

Nomadic Art Fair is an amazing nostalgic place where one can recall all their childhood memories. Memories of playing with a toy which is more likely to a non-existence for the people of this generation. Nomadic Art Fair is full of those old memories. How I found this Place? I was just wandering nearby Connaught Place and saw that Hunar […]

Bistro 57 NSP

Bistro 57 – Affordable Shakes, Snacks & Desserts

Roaming around the Netaji Subhash Place of New Delhi, I found this little outlet selling some truly good food in such affordable rates. The quality I got was perfect according to their Affordable menu card. Fell in love with their food without a doubt considering the fact that I can re-visit this outlet again. Their shakes and coffee options are […]

wendy's cheese fries

Indian range of Burgers at Wendy’s

Wendy’s is an America based International brand of fast food restaurant founded by Dave Thomas in the late 1969. It deals with burger, fries, beverages and lots of other options to eat. Entered in India last year in 2015, it has a vision to increase it’s density to 40 – 50 outlets. The company is looking to focus on North […]

Blueberry Waffle with Maple Syrup & Vanilla Ice Cream

Cottage Cafe by Smoothie Factory, Janpath

Cottage Cafe by Smoothie Factory is more like a hidden gem of Janpath lies just at the ground floor of Crafts Emporium. It can be found just opposite to the Janpath metro station and it’s quite easy to find the place as well. I am always searching for some peace in this busy city. And I was quiet happy when […]