Chill up your Mood at Pipeline Cafe, Satyaniketan

Pipeline Cafe isn’t too hard to find. It’s just opposite to Venkateshwara College at Satyaniketan, New Delhi. The day was to0 hot and sun was on the top. Nobody could’ve imagined from Winters acting such like a Lazy Little Kid. Too lazy to even visit our Delhi. Bigger active brother Summer had already knocked on our doors and as we […]

The GranDreams – A Place where Dreams comes into Reality

The Grandreams is a Party destination highly inspired by Greek Architecture. That Huge colossal facade & Greek inspired sculptures are definitely creating some difference and a sparkling eye catching attraction in this Busy City which doesn’t sleep. They do have some Exquisite interiors which can leave their guests enthralled. I always imagined visiting an Actual Palace or Fortress where King […]

Awakening Breakfast at Smokey’s BBQ & Grill

It was a Sunday Morning when I had finally decided to do my breakfast at a place which has been there on my Wishlist for a very long time. I was planning to visit Smokey’s BBQ & Grill for such a long time but just couldn’t due to a fully packed schedule. But, that day when I finally reached the […]

Excuse Me Boss – Can’t Come & Work until My Party Fever is Gone

Have you ever come across that deadly situation, when you have to visit your Boss Cabin asking for their Permission. You might’ve done just like this. Excuse me Boss, Can I get a Half day leave? Or like, I’m going through such a Pain in my Stomach and I won’t be able to come Office today! Or maybe you had […]

Abongchiiz – A place where you can Eat while Playing Board Games

Abongchiiz is a funky, not so little place in Hudson Lane of New Delhi cause it has some separate floors where you’ll feel like being at home. Separate Floors does have different style of seating too. Imagine, one floor has sofa, other has Beds with Board Games like Carrom, Ludo, etc. That particular Floor does have a Shoe Rack also […]

Celebration of Punjab Food Festival at Circus, South Extension

I’ve recently visited Circus of South Extension area and there’s a one more branch of it in Cyber hub. Oh by the way, this Circus is all about food. Circus is one more memory of mine which is hard to forget. The mesmerizing food and their flavors can take your taste buds to a next level. Let’s take a look […]

An evening at The Gol Chakkar Cafe

The day I visited The Gol Chakkar Cafe is certainly the day I can never forget. I was heading towards Kalkaji from Amar Colony just to be at The Gol Chakkar Cafe and our Auto-Rickshaw Wala was pretty much confused about the way to reach here. Also my Google Maps stopped working that time when it was much needed & […]