Fat Butterfly Bakery & Cafe – Serving Gourmet Fast Food and Cakes

Fat Butterfly Bakery & Cafe is a small and cozy place situated at the Baani Square, Gurgaon. And, they’re best known for their Gourmet Fast Food and Fully Customized Cakes are their speciality. Their name itself says everything as the outlet can make even a Butterfly fat enough that won’t let her fly for like hours. Well, let me tell […]

Pick up your Chopsticks – Yum Yum Cha is here!

Ever thought about what could be the meaning of this Yum Yum Cha? Well, let’s just discuss that for a second. As you might know, Yum Yum Cha is a Food Outlet & it’s pretty much popular for it’s international cuisines like Chinese, Japanese, Sushi, etc. Well taking care of the name as Yum Cha (simplified Chinese: 饮茶; traditional Chinese: […]

The Hidden Hour

The Hidden Hour – Wake up your inside Sherlock, You might need one

You must be wondering why do I need to wake up the Sherlock Holmes anyway? Well either wake one else make one cause you gotta need one for sure to play this Real Life Escape Game – The Hidden Hour. This is so good and the level is taken care of all the smartest minds of Delhi NCR. The Hidden […]

Vapour Bar Exchange – Grab your Drink before the Prices goes Up

While reading the title of this Vapour Bar Exchange, you must be thinking why grab drink before the prices goes up! Wait, did this person just mentioned about dynamic prices? Doesn’t this café have a static priced menu? Well well calm down, I’ll explain the whole concept of this Vapour Bar Exchange in detail. Well starting from their food menu, […]

Zaffran – A Royal Treatment to your Taste buds

You might be wondering that what does that word Zaffran means? Well, Zaffran is an Urdu meaning of the word Saffron and you can find that Saffron in some of their dishes too. Basically, Saffron itself presented as a royal touch to dishes and flavor & the scent of saffron itself is quite pleasing which can make any dish alive where […]

Get in the Wild with Hunter’s Lodge

Hunter’s lodge is a place where you go to relax after exploring the wild in you. They have some cool woody décor along with some nice dining space. It is situated at around P – Block of Connaught Place. And basically tell me one thing, Where else would you go if you get the jungle itself in your Central Delhi […]

Raasa – The Luxuriate Fine Dine of East Delhi

If you’re roaming around East Delhi and you can’t decide where to go? So, let me make your decision little bit easier by sharing my thoughts over this Amazing fine dine restaurant which is located near to the Karkardooma Metro Station. Raasa is the most luxuriate fine dine you can ever find in the entire area plus they do provides […]

Pind Balluchi – Taste the authentic Punjabi flavours

So, now I’m covering this wonderful chain which is quite popular by the name Pind Balluchi which serves this Mughlai and North Indian Food. And they’re quite popular in that too as they have a very old name in this industry as they got about 28 locations in all over Delhi NCR. And even they have this word “Pind” in […]

Need a Break from your Tiring Office? – Visit Office Canteen Bar

If you’re a office going person and you’re bored with your 9 to 5 job then I must suggest this amazing place where you can enjoy an amazing terrace view of Connaught place and forget all about your boss orders for a while and enjoy the moment. It’s a funky place where you’ll have a pretty good time with your […]