Street Art in Delhi – Part 1

The Capital of our India has been revolutionized with colors and paintings over different walls by various street artists from all over the World. There is a NGO known by the name St+art Foundation which deals with all kinds of graffiti and street art decorating over walls for free without charging anything and with taking proper permissions by the Government. […]

Ice Cream Rolls in Delhi NCR

We eat Ice Cream cuz we love Ice Cream and if there’s any unique and classy method used for making those Ice Cream, we still gonna love it right? Sometimes, the inner cravings increases even more if there’s some idea or some way out there that we don’t know about is getting popular day by day. Then all we need […]

Mother’s Wax Museum

You might be wondering that I’ve heard something like Wax Museum and then you might remember the museum which is known by the name Madame Tussauds Wax Museum and very well known for their real life looking like artistically crafted Wax Personalities in that museum. Now, here I’m talking about the Mother not Madam so let just don’t be confused between […]

Kumbhalgarh fort – The Great Wall of India

It would be a shame if I don’t add this hidden gem to my blog which is well known for it’s long wall. Well I call it a hidden gem because most of the people living in India still doesn’t know about this amazing place. I’m not talking about the Rajasthan people as they might’ve know of it’s existence but […]