10 Indian Instagram Accounts to Follow if you Love Art

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Instagram is full of life. You know how? Because Instagram is filled with creative people accounts. Today, Backpacker Indian is going to introduce you to a list of 10 Indian Instagram accounts which you should be following in the year of 2017 if you love art. Yes, I know the fact that there are many more cool artists out there who got some pretty cool art work to showcase. But these 10 Instagrammers you might not want to miss. Take a look on their accounts!

10 Indian Instagram accounts which you should be following in the year of 2017
10 Indian Instagram accounts which you should be following in the year 2017

1. xluminosityx

Shikha is an Artist, Illustrator and a Textile Designer who got some pretty cute powers to sketch a new world. She’s been doodling for about 15 years and she got a pretty charm in her every sketch. Recently created a series of Rainbow Zoo including this cover photo of the article. Let’s take a look on a Sketch doodle of Sachin Tendulkar!

2. neha.doodles

Neha is an artist with a limitless humorous capability to make people laugh out hard with her witty doodles. Her doodles can be sweet, crazy, naughty and sometimes horrific as well. Loved her NOODLES series which got like 9 Episodes of Full of Drama, Fun, Horror and Suspense. Do Check out that series on her account!

Please appreciate this cross between a human, a baby and a walrus.

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3. aliciasouza

Alicia is an illustrator who got some pretty cute characters like Alie, Charlie, Pixie, Dust etc. A talented artist who doodles all the time. Do check out her other works!

4. metrodoodle

Samar, a software developer who travels in metro on a regular basis. Like everybody, even he had to do something to kill the boredom in his metro hours. He chose doodling in his metro hours. Love for Aliens has turned into an artistic hobby for him that he brings those Aliens into life when he starts doodling them in his metro hours.

5. thecomicalcyanide

Manasi, a Happy-go-lucky artist and a visual storyteller who is living multiple lives and making multiple cartoons. She creates inspiration, humorous and beautiful cartoons. Give her account a look!

6. bala.murugan.9693

Bala, an amazing Sketch Artist who got a unique way of giving life to their Sketches. Specialized in creating hand made portraits, they’ve got a real power in their hands creating magic in each Sketch art.

My art.

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7. youknowhertoo

Divya, known for her cartoons and illustrations got a decent package of Art work in her Instagram account. This budding artist says a lot with a single picture. Check this out!

8. maitri_dalicha

Maitri, an illustrator and sunshine chaser who got something real nice in her account. Give this artwork a look!

9. aucourant01

Nikunj, Redifining orthodoxies one line at a time. This artist got so many things gift-wrapped in his account. For now, check this beautiful illustration of Qutab Minar and after that give this artist a follow, if you use instagram on a daily basis!


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10. graphiteguy007

Mradul, this indian instagrammer got a huge library to share with all of you. This wannabe artist don’t take too many things inside his head and he draws those imaginary people on that piece of paper. With this last entry, Backpacker Indian closes the awards for 10 Indian Instagram accounts which you should be following in year 2017. 

Hence, this is the Art Lover list of Indian Instagrammers for 2017 including the links to all those Indian Instagram Accounts. Don’t forget to Subscribe to our Newsletters as many more interesting lists will be going to out by the end of this year. Follow these accounts if you’re on Instagram and Don’t forget to share this blog if you like my work.



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