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Book Cafe India

5 Best Book Cafes in India

For bibliophiles, there is nothing more comforting and relaxing than sitting in a quite corner with a hot cup of coffee and devouring works of your favorite author, right? Off-late, with numerous digital and electronic devices, we barely have time to turn the pages of a book and dive into the world of novels. In such a scenario, book cafes […]

Smaaash, Noida

When Smaaash collaborated with DLF Mall of India to spread happiness

This doesn’t happen every other day when popular entertainment chain like Smaaash collaborates with CRY foundation to give much possible happiness to the needy kids. I know, life is all about money and we people do our best to earn it. But when it comes to happiness, money doesn’t matter that much. Especially when happiness is given to them who […]

Big Book Bazar - Books by weight delhi

Big Book Bazar – Purchase your dream Book by Kilo

I was roaming around Darya Ganj area in search for some good portraits and I ended up discovering this amazing place on my way back to metro station. Big Book Bazar secured a precious space in my heart as they were selling books with a unique concept. They sell books by weight. Isn’t that amazing? I know half of the […]

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Dry Cake

New level of home baking with Cake Sapphire

I recently got invited by a Home baker Vandana Jain who make these amazing Cakes, Snacks and lots more. Their brand goes by name – Cake Sapphire and they’re based in West Delhi delivering their hand made eggless delicacies to entire Delhi area since 2013. From Desi version of Snickers to Customized Cakes, she can give life to any dessert […]

Mochi Ice Cream

11 Ice Cream innovations to beat the Heat in Delhi NCR

Delhi is very well known for it’s extreme temperatures. Since, it’s summer time and Monsoon seems yet too far from Delhi. Ice Cream is something which always comes to rescue and please our taste buds in no time. Talking Ice cream, Delhi got so many innovations that few cities in India can’t even imagine. Here, I’m giving you 11 different […]

Private Dining Area at The Slate

The Slate – For the Exclusive in you

Located in one of the most posh localities of Chennai – Khader Nawaz Khan road, The Slate offers a unique experience from the moment you walk in. The international décor elevates your senses and is a one of a kind luxury hotel with facilities catering to the elite class. This hotel comprises of 5 different experiences offered to its visitors […]

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10 Indian Instagram accounts which you should be following in the year of 2017

10 Indian Instagram Accounts to Follow if you Love Art

Instagram is full of life. You know how? Because Instagram is filled with creative people accounts. Today, Backpacker Indian is going to introduce you to a list of 10 Indian Instagram accounts which you should be following in the year of 2017 if you love art. Yes, I know the fact that there are many more cool artists out there who […]

108 names Lord Ganesha

108 Names of Lord Ganesha

Lord Ganesha has many names including Gajanana, Ganpati, Ganadhyaksha, Vinayak etc. Behind each and every name of Lord Ganesha, there is a proper meaning. Most of their names are in either Sanskrit or Hindi language. Lord Ganesha known by more than 108 names. Let’s have a look on their 108 names and some of their meaning. 108 Names of Lord […]

Sadhya Bhog at Zambar

Celebrating Vishu Festival with Authentic Kerala Cuisines at Zambar

Vishu Festival is celebrated every year on the First day of Medam or the Malayalam month which lies mostly in between the months of April and May of the Gregorian calendar. This auspicious Festival symbolizes the beginning of the Spring Season. Vishu indicates the day from which the farmers begin the ploughing of land and other agricultural activities. Although there’s […]

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